Visions of Well-Being


Over the last decade, I have had gut feelings about certain trends that came fully to fruition. Some I acted on and others I did not, if it was not my baton to grab.

In 2014, I had the opportunity to bring mindfulness to meetings. This was my baton. A couple of other trends that were not in my direct wheelhouse, but for which I “saw”  on the horizon, were kombucha and rosé wines. Alas, today you cannot visit a grocery store without experiencing the increased level of awareness of these two products.

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If you could learn what the future would be, would you peer into a crystal ball that provides insight ahead of a big trend, entertainment craze or investment opportunity? How about a peek into human evolution?
If you are courageous, let us look together into the crystal ball and get a glimpse of the future of wellness in meetings.

Spoiler: It’s not frightening, but rather magnificent!


Madam Zoltar in the House!

Join “Madam Zoltar” and move beyond the physical to the spiritual realm of knowing. The stage is set. Turban [√], silk robe [√], dimmed lights [√], appropriate music [√], connection made [√]. The proverbial peering into the crystal ball? [√].

Now, to share the wisdom of the future…

I see a ballroom, with signs leading to Alternative Happy Hour. The mood is festive and explorative. The overall feeling is of a bright future.

Beautiful music is playing from instruments I am not familiar with, but the sound is otherworldly, as if flowers could sing. Lyrics are intermittent and uplifting. There is a fluid placement of booths, lounge areas and thousands enjoying the energy of a higher vibrational experience.

It appears to be a rotation of encounters for individuals and group sessions to learn and experience healing modalities, consciousness-raising tools and new, elevated innate skills. All interspersed with dancing and artist expression.

Here are the key points Madam Zoltar noticed:

  • Food and drink offerings are new. The feeling is that everything is organic, gluten-free and vegan. The food is not the focus, though. Kombucha, herb teas and restructured waters are served. It is an alcohol-free environment.

  • Trainings are offered in person and holographically in small groups, covering topics such as homesteading and gardening, herbology, natural remedies, essential oils, tinctures with non-GMO ingredients, organic seeds and plants. But the labels are not necessary because everything is that way.

  • One-on-one sessions of energy healing and light types of therapies, using new technologies, such as laying in special beds or standing in pod-like structures for 5-10 minutes and receiving immediate results.

  • Gifting includes intentional and sustainable offerings such as the current-day Unwrapit.

There are translucent and luminous bubbles in the air that are not of soap but somehow conscious gifts of words that are sent between individuals. The image fades away and a new scene presents itself. I see many staff members cleaning.

What is interesting about the scene is that housekeeping employees are utilizing all-natural products, not poisonous, toxic chemicals. Across the board, from the laundering of the bed linens to all the surface cleaning, and the soaps and shampoos, they are all non-toxic, plant-based offerings, such as the current day Melaleuca.The crystal ball clouds over once more, the last scene dissipates, and I see a new image emerging. It’s gently coming into focus…

I see a large ballroom once again, maybe it is the same room, with a stage. Thousands are sitting in chairs and on the floor, but it’s not totally structured—it feels fluid.

I cannot hear what is being said but the feeling is celebratory. There is a group that is singing. The audience is singing. No one is self-conscious or judgmental. The energy is unified in honoring intelligent consciousness. This is not a religious experience; it is an awareness experience.


Embrace the Future

This glimpse into the future may make some uncomfortable, as big change is challenging for many. Resistance that arises is resistance within the individual unconscious.

As always, take what resonates and leave the rest. It may be an organic seed for later.

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Article originally published in the July/August 2021 Edition of Meetings Today Magazine