The Holistic Life

Who could have predicted the heightened level of stress the world has been experiencing over the last year? And we are not out of the woods yet. However, it is an unexpected opportunity to create a healthier you, a more enhanced industry and profoundly improved world.


When I began my journey with the meetings and events industry in 2014, speaking and training under the umbrella of wellbeing and mindfulness, one of the teaching points was “stress is not a badge of honor.” Although this holds true today, there are new anxiety pathogens that cannot be glossed over or swept under the rug. They are not worn like a badge but rather hidden, secretly impacting our health. We will address these in future installments.


Intimately, I understand these stresses as no one is impervious—even a mindfulness instructor. It is part of life. The contrast that we experience is a plentiful teacher.


Practicing mindfulness does not mean nothing bad will ever happen. It means you are better equipped with tools to navigate challenges with more ease and grace. In this time in our history, a little more ease and grace is welcome.


I have had the great honor to support our industry, reaching hundreds of thousands of meeting attendees with mindfulness practice, meditation instruction, stress relieving techniques and wellbeing concepts, but you do not have to wait for a meeting to get started. It just takes your commitment to your self-care, health and wellbeing. There are tools and free downloads on my website,, to start your journey to optimal wellness.


And providing your meeting attendees with this same opportunity is as easy as exploring, and The Mindfulness Lounge™, whether in-person or virtual, has become the wellness heartbeat of client meetings, corporate training and HR offerings. Now more than ever, health and wellbeing-related content is vital to provide as valuable education.


“Holistic” is described as things related to the whole being more than the sum of its parts. By honoring the integration of the parts of your being, your life, your work and your meetings into a holistic approach, wellbeing levels rise. All it takes is your intention to move forward and reap rewards.


Introducing MindfulLee Speaking

When Meetings Today reached out to me to write a column on the topic of wellness, I was delighted.

The objective for this series is to create a wellness tapestry—a holistic approach to the column, weaving themes that touch on mind, body, spirit wellbeing and beyond. The truth is, everything is wellness when you look at life holistically.

In future columns I will explore the following:

  • Speaking to the power of thoughts and intention.

  • Exploring ways to boost the immune system and energy levels, reduce brain fog and insight clarity.

  • Touching on aging and improving vitality.

  • Exploring how industry leaders and newcomers can come to the wellness table.


It also is with joy that I announce this column is coinciding with the launch of my upcoming podcast, utilizing the same name: “MindfulLee Speaking.” You will have further opportunity for engagement as we mindfully explore topics and have conversations on health, wellbeing and the Universe at-large.


As this column’s purpose is to share insightful health and wellness information personally and professionally, it takes a village to be well-rounded. I have a core competency and I know you do, too!


Please do not hesitate to share your requests, ideas, concepts and news by contacting me at Perhaps your information will make its way into a future column?


Remember: Take what resonates and leave the rest. It just might be a seed for you later, or it may be for another reader all together. Like with mindfulness practice, we embrace awareness in non-judgment. It’s a great place to start.


It is my pleasure to support our industry in wellness and I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to write this column. Helping others on their path to optimal wellbeing is my personal and professional intention—it’s what Lights Me Up!


What lights you up? Let’s explore together. Until next issue, keep shining bright.


Article originally published in the June 2021 Edition of Meetings Today Magazine