Temple of All Knowing


“Lee’s story makes the supernatural seem natural and the spiritual a tangible tool for our physical existence.”  Tim Molyneux Showrunner, Director, Composer, Cabaret Artist 

“Temple of All Knowing” offers hope and inspiration to anyone seeking spiritual truth and purpose. Author Lee Papa shows real courage in this revealing look into her deeply personal spiritual journey. Bret Oldham – Author of “Children Of The Greys” & “Afterlife Encounters”

“Lee Papa has given us an oasis of a book that is an easy read, flows like a river, and brings us back to our center as we all try to deal with the absurdities and chaos of this 21st-century world.” Kenny Lee LewisMusician, Steve Miller Band; Author “Skeleton Dolls”

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Lee Papa is an avid spiritual seeker and an internationally admired speaker, trainer, coach, and author, celebrated for her expertise in mindfulness and well-being. In 2008 Lee went through a transformation. Through an otherworldly journey known as a Near-Death Experience, she was gifted a peek into a realm that was more real than what we call life.  The once stressful, drama-filled, and illness-ridden existence gave way to a spiritual understanding of the purpose of our lives, and a roadmap to living mindfully.