Online Mindful MakeoversTM Program

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Online Mindful MakeoversTM program.

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This program in not just another program touting to transform your life to something better. Why? Because it doesn’t. What it does, is promotes that the material, wisdom and knowledge that has been gathered here from many years of experiences dealing with thousands of individuals during my years of operating a wellness center, my transformational adviser practice. teaching and speaking on the subject. The root of this is the wisdom I gleaned from my own transformation that occurred as I worked through dramas and traumas to a life of peace, love, beauty and abundance in all areas. This program packages neatly all the information and tools you need for a shift. The magic happens when you implement it.


  • Over 4 hours of video teaching
  • Over 100 page Mindful MakeoversTMManual and Workbook
  • An assessment based on current situation and desired outcome.
  • Self-Evaluation of self-awareness key components such as:
    • Self-Care
    • Limiting Beliefs
    • Past Patterns
  • LEARN & BE Core Concepts
  • 3 Mindful MakeoversTMTools
  • 4 Mindful MakeoversTMProprietary Processes
  • A Closed FaceBook Mindful MakoversTM Community to ask questions and share
  • Additional resources of recommended authors, books, YouTube videos and audio for continuing education and expansion to deepen the knowledge and understanding
  • Digital download of Lee Papa’s book, The Temple of All Knowing
  • Digital download of The Temple of All Knowing Chakra Meditation CD

1 review for Online Mindful MakeoversTM Program

  1. (verified owner)

    Mundane circumstances in my daily routine happened to connect me to Lee Papa, the meeting of which has been a wonderful gift. Over the years I have been exploring my spiritual path to find the reasoning behind why certain events and occurrences in my life have happened that altered my course of direction. I have been fortunate to have worked with very capable new thought minded people since the early 1980’s, and Lee Papa is one of the finest transformational facilitators I know.
    In my 40 year professional career as a master land planner I have focused on problem solving solutions to balance the complex inter-relationships between socio-economic, environmental and physical planning forces. The real estate debacle in 2007 truly was one of those unplanned events. Over the past seven years I have been attempting to resurrect those projects and begin new ones only to find that, while the results of my actions got me 99% of the way there, unexplained events and actions outside of my control derailed the projects. The adage of hard work, determination and proper planning will bring success has not worked for me since 2007, and clearly the universe was telling me, persistent as I am, that it is time to move on.
    My soul searching of my lifetime events and my daily meditations helped me transition mentally and emotionally, but my physical and spiritual body needed time and help to catch up. Lee came into my life just at the moment that I made the decision to pursue my past talent as an artist. Her facilitation during my Mindfulness meditative healings sessions are now helping me break through those energy blockages that I could not clear on my own. Events have been rapidly falling into place for my career as a contemporary abstract artist and I feel Lee has been instrumental in helping me accomplish more in the past three months than I have during the past seven years. If you seem to be stuck in old energy patterns, try Lee’s Online Mindful Makeovers program. I highly recommend this very compassionate and gifted Mindfulness Leader and Transformational Adviser.
    John R Kazanjian
    Las Vegas

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