Mindful MakeoversTM 5 Day Full Immersion

USD $5,000.00

Mindful MakeoversTM 5 Day Full Immersion




  • 5 Days of Intensive, One-On-One Personal Mindful MakeoversTM Training (minimum 5 hours per day)
  • Mindful MakeoversTM Manual and Workbook
  • An assessment based on current situation and desired outcome.
  • Evaluation of self-awareness key components such as:
    • Self-Care
    • Limiting Beliefs
    • Past Patterns
  • Review of the LEARN & BE Core Concepts
  • Over 100 page Manual | Workbook
  • Digital version of Lee Papa’s The Temple of All Knowing
  • Full CD Download Chakra Meditations
  • 3 Mindful MakeoversTM Tools
  • 4 Mindful MakeoversTM Proprietary  Processes
  • A follow-up Skype session for maintaining the Mindful MakeoversTM foundation
  • Vetted referrals to local practitioners to support your ongoing journey
  • Mindful MakeoversTM Gifts
  • Additional resources of recommended authors, books, YouTube videos and audio for continuing education and expansion
  • And plenty more…


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