Essential Oils Desk Reference 8th Edition FULL-COLOR (2019)


The newest authority on all things Young Living is here! Introducing the 8th Edition Essential Oils Desk Reference Guide. Containing D. Gary Young’s decades of essential oil knowledge, this trusted guide is the newest in a long line of reference material that is unsurpassed in its depth, authenticity, and quality.



This 8th edition of the desk reference is your very own detailed guide to the infinite properties of Young Living oils and products. In it you’ll find the many wonderful capabilities of pure oils. This is an all-inclusive guide. It combines factual findings of scientific research with tested methods for the best experience possible. Also included is everything you need to know about ANY Young Living product, including supplements, hygiene, nutritionals, and so much more! For the ultimate usage guide to all Young Living Essential Oils and health products, look no further.


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