Meditation Offerings

Benefits of Meditation

    Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years to help transcend the mind of chatter that is stress filled thought.  This produces emotional and physical implications within the body that are less than optimal. Meditation can help improve your health and well-being.  Here are just some benefits of a meditation practice:

    Smooths Out Emotions

    Reduces Symptoms of Jet Lag

    Relieves Physical Pain Better Than Morphine

    Improves Learning & Memory

    Helps Manage The Heart Rate & Respiratory Rate

    Improves Information Processing

    Increases Optimism & Creativity

    Improves Sleep Patterns

    Improves Mood & Psychological Well-Being

    Develops Personal Responsibility

    Improves Social Skills & Self-Awareness

    Reduces Anxiety Due To Stress

    Testimonials of Lee’s Meditation Offerings



    This short meditation packs a punch-VERY POWERFUL & relaxing. I loved it and will listen again and again! Thank you.



    Truly affective – I felt spiritually and emotionally lighter. Looking forward to making this a daily practice.



    Beautiful meditation! Loved it.