Love Is In The Air

February has arrived and so has the love, people! How great is that. How can you have too many people focused on love? I enjoy this month for its passionate and connective energy, as well as its versatility. This month, let’s take the time to focus on the love that we are fostering for self, the love we are sharing, and express gratitude for the love that we receive.

Not feeling so much love coming your way? Fear not, a basic way to manifest that or anything for that matter, is through the Law of Attraction, which is the idea that what you put out into the universe, is what you will get back. In your meditations this month set an intention that February shows you how to align to the optimal love in your life. Make it a goal to open your heart to the love you are worthy of and deserve. It all starts with you. Self-Love!

Different Kinds of Love

St. Valentine’s Day originated during a mid-February Roman festival that welcomed the Spring season. The festival celebrated fertility rites, as well as the pairing of partners. Because of those things, it soon after became a romance celebration, which is the stereotypical theme we continue today, The focus of this holiday was and remains around love. It, however, is a common thought that this holiday only revolves around romantic relationships. While that is the case sometimes, this can be seen as an old-fashion way of thinking. There are infinite ways to love and to be loved, not just exclusively by a romantic partner.

If you are feeling down about the commercially hyped expectations of Valentine’s Day, maybe you are single, just coming off of a breakup, remind yourself of the non-romantic love you have in your life. Your friends, family and even co-workers can all be supportive, loving relationships to especially nurture this time of year. Connect with the people who are reciprocating your love. Need some inspiration? Be like Parks and Rec character, Leslie Knope and celebrate Galentine’s Day! She created this holiday the day before Valentine’s Day where all significant others stay home, and the celebration is focused on non-romantic relationships, with the same amount of love. How about, spend this weekend and intend every day, to pay attention to the relationships that are paying attention to you, regardless of what label they have.

Love of the Moment

A pivotal kind of love to call into your life is the love of the moment. It is human nature to get caught up in the schedule, the to-dos, onto the next best thing, and to distract focus from what is happening right in front of you. It sometimes may feel that you are just going through the motions of life: work, exercise, meetings, cooking, repeat. You may find yourself not taking the time to listen to what your spirit needs, and solely focusing on the next hill to climb and how to get back down it. Those things are all extremely common, but there is an easy and beneficial way to continue to “do” life, and not feel that way. Stress is not a badge of honor. If you don’t have to wear it, why would you? My intention for you is that your days would unfold more similar to this: wake with excitement, blissful meditation, engaging exercise, intentional breakfast, enjoyable work, collaborative meetings, connection with a friend, love filled cooking, peaceful meditation, contemplative gratitude, restful sleep.

Be Intentional

The secret sauce is teaching yourself to live in the moment and to love the moment. Putting away your phone at the dinner table, spending a little extra quality time with family members, being present. Enjoying the drive home in solitude or listening to your favorite jam. Even helping a friend move out of their apartment can be so rewarding. It’s perspective. Being present in all of it. Setting the intention ahead of each process for what you desire to create in this experience is key. It’s honoring every experience as an opportunity to love and expand. Learning that just going through life and smelling the roses occasionally, isn’t enough.  But rather it is our right as humans to lead a glorious, fabulous life. No apologies necessary for having fun, for being successful, for taking amazing trips, for having things go your way! The mind-set that you should not enjoy yourself, or that you must be stressed and overworked to be successful is old-school and toxic. So, start reengaging with life. Do smell the roses, but also look up and take in the scenery, maybe, even snap a photo of it daily and multiple times a day to remind you how fantastic your day unfolded. Start loving yourself and the moment!