Messages in Movies

I felt compelled to watch a movie that I would not usually partake in – a drama about emotionally tortured families. Every time there was a moment of contrast (violence, outrage, darkness) that I was not comfortable with, my conscious mind wanted to turn off the television. I had the remote in my hand ready to switch it off, but I stopped three separate times, as there was something holding me back.

Messages in Poems

Like an exclamation point providing an audible sound, when one of the main characters recited a poem, I felt an inner acknowledgement. However, I could not decipher the clue. The poem was this:


On my notebooks from school
On my desk and the trees
On the sand on the snow
I write your name 

On every page read
On all the white sheets
Stone blood paper or ash
I write your name

On the golden images
On the soldier's weapons
On the crowns of kings
I write your name

On the jungle the desert
The nests and the bushes
On the echo of childhood
I write your name 

On my ravaged refuges
On my fallen lighthouses
On the walls of my boredom
I write your name

On passionless absence
On naked solitude
On the marches of death
I write your name

On health that's regained
On danger that's past
On hope without memories
I write your name

By the power of the word
I regain my life
I was born to know you
And to name you


Although this poem is an English translation of the original in French, the feeling that comes from the prose cannot be denied. Beautiful.  or those of you who read French, you want to explore this link:

Call Me Liberty! 4

Learning to listen

Liberty! The whispers of a message that attempted to reach me the night before but I didn’t hear it, although I had a sense that there was a communication struggling to be heard. It was so stunningly orchestrated, the message of Freedom. Freedom from my heartbreak, freedom from my karma. Peace dwells now in the house of my soul, as I have received renewed strength to move on. And I welcome the new year with open arms!

The Universe communicates

I had longed for the crystal-clear communication I had received just after my near-death experience and I wondered if I would ever have that again in physical form. Today, I had confirmation. All the knowing and knowledge I seek about the Light is right here.

Love heals all

Thank you to each and every soul who was a part of the play for my healing and expansion, by way of providing contrast and/or love and support in the past year. Whether you are in my life currently, or not, I love you very much and am profoundly grateful!

No pain, no gain

My students learn that being in mindful and spiritual practice does not mean that “nothing will ever happen to you that is painful.” That would be a shame, because then there is no growth. But having the foundation of mindful practice gives you the tools to work through the contrast optimally, with awareness and growth, hope and faith. It helps you understand the pain. It allows you to move through it with more ease and grace, to leave it behind, and to level up! 

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No one who has ever done this self-observation or inner-work would say it is easy. Personal and spiritual development is not for the faint of heart if you are seeking mastery. But, oh how sweet the reward! LIBERTY!

And this is what I wish for you!

With Love,