Leveling Up

I am reliving a year-end experience, on December 31st, sitting in my car at the gym. Throughout the year, there were bouts with financial challenges, as I moved to a one income household. With that, a plethora of fears presented that were clearly old imprints of lifetimes. 

Like a light shining on limiting beliefs, there were professional relationships that did not manifest as initially intended, projects that stalled, friendships that I held to the expectation that presented painful outcomes. We had rounded out loss with adopting a furry housemate to “fill a void” (I should have known better) that expressed such behavioral problems that we could not continue, and then we had to deal with all the emotional grieving that went with that decision. 


Health issues had shown up over the last couple of years. Although not debilitating, the manifestations presented, like the year before, to give me a stronger message. The list included adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalance, low energy, allergies, and heart racing. All of which showed me there was an internal, emotional struggle; and the disparate energy to my spiritual self was leaving behind a physical manifestation of dis-ese in my body. 

Thank God for my mindfulness and meditation practice, because I had the tools to navigate these health challenges, and the awareness of knowing what was transpiring for my continued spiritual evolution, and how to sit with it all.

The world’s a reflection of you

Film strip

Moving through the inner slideshow of my mind, with flashes of situations that reflected the word “heartbreak”, the personal movie began to shift. The higher purpose revealed in each vignette was like a shower of bright Light. My energy began to lift and expand, and I literally felt Light all around me. 

Now, it was time to kick into gear and walk through those glass doors to the brightly lit, slightly chilly gym.

Walking the short distance from my car, I realized all this awareness happened during a quick ride to the gym, sitting in the parking lot and now, with outdoor gear and purse stowed away in the cubby, I was ready to continue my inner dialogue and grab the treadmill of my choice.

Leveling Up

I’m at the gym, earbuds in ears, phone set on vibrate and no music playing. My awareness ticks off all the beautiful aspects of the year. Like a stream of bullet points punctuating each of what I was calling heartbreaks, then expanding beyond to show me the glories of the year in review, I gaze out the floor-to-ceiling window-wall onto the parking lot and the horizon. 

The heartbreak energies that present at first, in the internal movie, are just a representation of the lessons, but the overwhelming vibe flowing is abundant, sweet awareness of the past 365 days. 

I leveled up…again. And I realize, with each time this leveling up on my spiritual path has occurred, the contrast and pain is greater to move through.

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