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Well-Being Through Mindfulness

Lee Papa brought well-being through mindfulness training to the events industry when it was just a glimmer of an idea through IMEX America in 2015 with her keynote “How to Live & Lead Mindfully” followed up with the Mindfulness Lounge™ branded concept of training for their Be Well Lounge. Lee saw firsthand how the industry wore Stress Like a Badge of Honor and was eager to step in and support the profession that helps so many.

Through the individual meeting attendee teaching of wellness & well-being strategies, with the foundation in mindfulness and meditation training, the ripple effect happens. The individual shifts, the industry shifts, the world shifts for the better.

Across Lee Papa’s many years of experience in the well-being field, through operated her 6,000 square-foot wellness center in Las Vegas and working with tens of thousands of individuals she created a quintessential well-being offering for all meetings, events and individuals.

Thankfully times are changing and our focus on holistic approaches to wellness and well-being are gaining momentum and will evolve humankind for the better. If wellness & well-being are not on your radar, you are late to the game. But it is not too late. We would love to help.

Lee Works With Meeting Planners & Their Clients Who Desire:

A Tested Wellness & Wellbeing Initiative

A Supplier Partner & Event Offering That Develops and Expands With You

A Respected Mindfulness Expert

A Trainer That Connects With The Attendee Audience

Event Program Themes

How to Live & Lead Mindfully

The Roadmap to Living Mindfully, Understanding Self-Love, Self-Care & Self-Mastery

Nourish Yourself Mindfully, Give from the Overflow

Stress is Not a Badge of Honor, Nor is it a Requirement to Get the Job Done!

More Outward Success Arrives When You Invest the Time to Go Within

Employee Retention & Company Culture Through Mindfulness

Products & Services

Lee Papa’s Award-Winning Mindfulness Lounge™ (In-Person)

Join well-being and mindfulness expert Lee Papa for an educational experience like no other.  An opportunity to access tools to elevate your perception of health and success. Receive easily digestible training on navigating your optimal health and well-being through stress-relieving mindfulness and meditation techniques, followed by experiential relaxation exercise, guided visualization, and meditationLeave behind the excuses and depart with a mind shift. Utilizing the senses of sight, sound, and smell, step into your journey of self-exploration, connecting the mind-body-spirit with tools to support the best expression of yourself, personally and professionally.  

The Mindfulness Lounge™ is not a fad, it is the foundation of any wellness initiative.  It is the heart of the meeting space that when committed over time, becomes the shifting mechanism from stress-based navigation, seeking balance to wellness-based living and the integration of well-being and success – personal and professional. Lee Papa’s programs, guidance and training style are incomparable. 


Virtual Mindfulness Lounge™ (NEW For 2020)

In an effort to accommodate the ever-growing need for Lee to facilitate and provide the profoundly impactful educational program, we have created the Virtual version.  This provides the meeting planner with varied price point options and the flexibility that is needed with scheduling.

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All Your Well-being & Mindfulness Support:

  • Keynote & Plenary
  • Mindfulness Lounge™
  • Breakout & Workshop Sessions
  • Booth Activation Book Signing & T-shirts
  • Mindfulness & Wellbeing Attendee Gifts
  • Private Leadership & Sales Coaching
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Collaborative Partnerships


Unwrapit adds wellness gifts from a growing list of partners, including Internationally recognized Wellbeing and Mindfulness Speaker and Trainer, Lee Papa.

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Tony Salah & Heka Health

Tony Salah & Heka Health

Lee Papa is excited to partner with Tony Salah and Heka Health! HealthTech startup, Heka Health located in Silicon Valley brings the transformative power of collaboration, connectivity, customization and caring to your meeting’s well-being and health-related initiatives.

With their mobile wellness challenges created for the meetings industry, Heka Health partnered with Wellbeing Leader, Lee Papa as the optimal add on with a meditation and mindfulness backed integration for the challenges. 

Lee Papa designed this element with Heka Health for directing the attendee/user to incorporate the interactive element in conjunction with the physical Mindfulness Lounge™. As the attendee accesses the points driven challenge, they not only experience the benefit of technology and play but also the powerful in-person training and experiential takeaway.

Tara Thomas & The Meeting Pool

Tara Thomas & The Meeting Pool

The Meeting Pool’s Tara Thomas and Lee Papa have crisscrossed events across the country and never met until 2019. Both very supportive of each others offering, they decided to collaborate. 

Tara offers custom Wellness Zones and TECHbars loaded with wellness technology that Lee feels adds another levels of well-being interaction and variety of hands-on, engaging health and wellness elements to events. 

A Wellness Zone can be designed to cater to any demographic and holds both professional and personal appeal by allowing participants to try a variety of wellness activities, or to focus on one to two. Now, with Lee Papa’s mindfulness expertise, Tara will offer a specialized mindfulness element created by Lee.


Michael Martin at Experient e4 Anaheim 2018

Karen Burnett

CEM, Senior Director, Conference & Meetings of AAPA

On behalf of the Board of Directors, members and staff of the AAPAs, I want to thank you for your major contribution to the success of AAPA 2019 in Denver. The Mindfulness Lounge was spot on for our demographic. As we discussed, AAPA would like you and your Mindfulness Lounge to become a permanent feature of the conference.

Lori Pugh

CMM, Lead Manager, Event Programs & Production at Meeting Professionals International

Lee’s presence and teaching absolutely inspired the audience and opened their eyes to meditation and mindfulness. I heard from attendees all week raving about how much they enjoyed her keynote.

Ashley Smith

Director, Regional Sales fo Prestige | Global Meeting Source

I wanted to reach out as I really enjoyed meeting you at IMEX in Las Vegas! I took your River Meditation class and absolutely loved it. I have always wanted to start a meditation routine and that class gave me that extra push I needed. Thank you for being an inspiration for me to become a more grounded and centered individual.

Paul Gillis

CRO, Business Development, Meetings & Events Industry

Can one change their life in 15 minutes by taking one meditation class at a show called e4? Yes it can and I am a testimonial to that. With three boys 16-19-22 and the stress of my events around the globe I have found a new and exciting option to relax and tune out negativity in the world and it was Lee Papa who guided me there after 50 years of life. Words cannot describe my gratitude. 10 minutes each morning and night will change your life.

Holly Tollefson

WICSEC Spokane, WA

Thank you SO very much for the work you’re doing and the way you’re offering it. You have opened me up to something I have needed my whole life and I am grateful and appreciate you.

Michael Woody

Meetings & Events Industry

Looking for a keynote speaker who will inspire and motivate your attendees, while presenting concepts and tools for success…look no further! Lee Papa’s “How to live and lead mindfully.” Her content and delivery was both engaging and incredibly relevant as we all look for new and innovative ways to create a positive shift in our personal and professional life…through mindfulness! Thank you for leading me to create a work experience that is more creative, more productive, and more enjoyable for every member of the team. BRILLIANT!

Maureen Leif

President WICSEC

We were lucky to have Lee Papa guide our Mindfulness Lounge and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive with many remarking on the evaluation that it changed their lives for the better!

Deborah Corrao

Meeting & Events Attendee

IMEX adding Lee Papa to their line-up was a God send! Glad to know they are “mindful” of their attendees. It was so refreshing to be able to step away from our hectic world of appointment after appointment; and just breathe.

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