Dissolve Limiting Beliefs

Lessons Learned

Here are a few of the many lessons that I became aware of during the “gift” of a year-in-review:

Lesson #1

  • I learned that the concepts, tools and processes that I teach in my programs Mindful Makeovers™ and A Year of Living MindfulLee, the Life & Performance Coaching and Corporate Mindfulness Trainings have been previously inspired through an experiential process so that I may authentically guide others. This year past has deepened that awareness, with the next level of understanding and inspired material to share.

Lesson #2

  • I was given the lesson of how important it is to be diligent in holding a clear and elevated vibration, with heightened spiritual and mindfulness practice, and not allow anyone or anything to divert me from that foundational practice.

This is our own individual responsibility; partners, family, friends, and people with limiting behaviors, mindsets, and habits all play a part in owning one’s own frequency. We must choose wisely.

Lesson #3

  • Setting boundaries is a necessity for self-love and self-care, and not a lack of compassion for another person. And “leaning in” to other’s behaviors with intended compassion, at the expense of one’s self-care and the ability to keep a cleansed energy field, does not serve the whole.

Lesson #4

  • There are times when I am not the best expression of myself, but even then, I must honor the experience. Because sometimes that experience is the only way to bring forth a positive outcome and move forward.

Lesson #5

  • I am stronger than anything that is dark, including self-imposed negative thought.

Lesson #6

  • No one and no circumstance can extinguish my Light.

Lesson #7

  • Through my friend Rick’s transitioning, I gained one of the most profound experiences of my human lifespan by communicating with his Spirit after he passed over. He provided me with the visceral knowledge of his nonphysical expansion. 

This description is for another time and another blog, but let’s just say that I heard him, and I felt his expanse, love and joy beyond any mortal understanding. 

Lesson #8

  • My intuition is strong and accurate. When I do not honor and heed that inner knowing, the message becomes more blatant and painful. It’s like driving towards a brick wall at the end of a road, and ignoring all the stop signs and flashing lights.

Lesson #9

  • Although I knew this, I had a heightened awareness that even “failed” relationships or partnerships are never a failure. Each one represents exactly what was to be learned, received, and given.

If you wish to step into mindful practice, read “Messages.