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Are You Ready to Journey to the Best Expression of Yourself?

Lee has worked with tens of thousands of individuals on their path to mindfulness, emotional and physical well-being, and paving the way to happiness and optimal success through mind-body-spirit awareness.  She became aware, in coaching her students over many years, that what worked best for an immediate shift is a combination of guided imagery, mindfulness practice, and intention.

These along with the Core Concepts, Tools and Processes that are taught in the foundational program of Mindful Makeovers is what she focuses on in her coaching

Coaching Testimonial

“Finding my way back to myself, and better than I thought possible.”

~ Sam Holder, Entertainer

Lee Works With Individuals Who Are:

Desiring a Transformational Shift

Who May Have Done Other Programs, Therapies, Practices Without The Desired Results

Ready To Reprogram The Subconscious Mind

In Resonance With Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Ready To Take Personal Responsibility For Their Optimal Happiness

Excited To Make Known The Unknown

Is interested in the Self-Mastery Journey

Who Are Committed To The Process For 30-60 Days

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Coaching Testimonials

Adriana Rosales Haro

Private Coaching Client

While so many of us work on achieving the best version of ourselves, this cannot happen alone and without guidance. I had the privilege of meeting Lee Papa and have experienced her wonderful guidance and have grown because of her generous heart and her unique ability to authentically help you grow in areas that I call “blind spots.”


Private Coaching Client

Because of you, my household is more calm and joyful, and I find myself connecting more closely to who I truly am at my core and more awareness when the universe is responding. Thank you for helping me breakthrough past trauma and heal on a deeper level.

John R Kazanjian

Artist, John R Kazanjan Art

Over the years I have been exploring my spiritual path to find the reasoning behind why certain events and occurrences in my life have happened that altered my course of direction. I have been fortunate to have worked with very capable new thought minded people since the early 1980’s, and Lee Papa is one of the finest transformational facilitators I know. If you seem to be stuck in old energy patterns, contact Lee. I highly recommend this very compassionate and gifted life coach.


Private Coaching Client

My time with Lee was the most powerful 30 days of my life! I couldn’t be more grateful to Lee for her work with me and for the universe for putting us in touch.