Mindful Makeovers™ 5-Day Full Immersion

Mindful Makeovers™ is a proprietary program that goes well beyond mindfulness meditation training.  This is a dynamic training platform that provides accessible and easily navigated concepts, tools and processes that have been carefully developed and time tested with brilliant results to those who have implemented them.

Mindful Makeovers™ is a philosophy, a way of leading your life with more joy, ease, success and more profoundly.

An intensive full immersion of this program with respected Transformational Adviser and Mindfulness Trainer, Lee Papa. Step by step, leading you through the program which she passionately created in an intimate style of sharing, allowing for the most robust utilization of the program with a compassionate facilitator. Fully customized as questions and situations arise that are immediately able to be addressed and guidance offered. This program takes place where you live and work, in your city, at a nearby hotel, with real life applications of the tools, processes and concepts for the most impactful shift.

Think of this as a personalized life-revitalizing vacation, right where you need it most, in your day to day, where it all happens. Not escaping your day to day only to return a week later with no additional skills to cope, shift or change. And most likely within hours or even minutes, feeling exactly the same as when you left.

This information is based in mindfulness, consciousness and approaches for emotional well-being, but it is at its core what people want to know most which is how to navigate life to its fullest expression and to understand their purpose. Yet so many look for ways to just survive life. Do you want to survive or thrive?

5-Day Full Immersion Includes:

5 Days of Intensive, One-On-One Personal Mindful Makeovers™ Training (minimum 5 hours per day)

Mindful Makeovers™ Manual and Workbook

An assessment based on current situation and desired outcome.

Evaluation of self-awareness key components such as:

  • Self-Care

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Past Patterns

Review of the LEARN & BE Core Concepts

Over 100 page Manual | Workbook

Digital version of Lee Papa’s The Temple of All Knowing

Full CD Download Chakra Meditations

3 Mindful Makeovers™ Tools

4 Mindful Makeovers™ Proprietary Processes

A follow-up Skype session for maintaining the Mindful MakeoversTM foundation

Mindful Makeovers™ Gifts

Additional resources of recommended authors, books, YouTube videos and audio for continuing education and expansion

And plenty more…

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