About Lee Papa

Lee Papa

Lee Papa has a unique and grounded ability to bridge the gap between the worlds of health & wellness, leadership & business, and the spiritual, mystical, and supernatural. She weaves them with an authentic voice of storytelling and a powerful accessible way to engage on topics that improve lives.

Lee is an internationally recognized Mindfulness & Meditation Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Author who specializes in the Meetings, Events, and Hospitality industries and their clients, from intimate executive-level meetings, and educational conferences to the largest tradeshows. Lee is highly sought for her expertise on the topic of well-being from a mindfulness perspective and her approachable style.

Lee’s vision for optimal well-being on the planet was ignited through a Near Death Experience and over the years the spark has been fanned into a roaring fire of passion to share. She has built a tapestry of strands of healing thread, weaving mindfulness, meditation, mental health, nutrition, and spiritual development to create a human piece of art that radiates vibrant health, mind, body, and spirit. Lee Papa’s programs are an inspiration of peace and well-being. Holistic topics that promote diversity, inclusion, and nonjudgement.

Lee brought Mindfulness Training to the meetings industry in 2015 with her keynote: “How to Live & Lead Mindfully” and signature Mindfulness Lounge™ which won her one of the prestigious spots on MeetingsTODAY Magazine’s “22 Luminaries & Trendsetters List” for 2017.

Lee Papa has been a contributor to top trade publications and an expert resource for wellness topics. Lee’s messages include “Stress is Not a Badge of Honor.“ and “Nourish Yourself Mindfully, Give from the Overflow.”

Lee privately supports individual clients through her virtual one-on-one transformational coaching.

Her guided meditations can be found on The Temple of All Knowing Chakra Meditation, Journey with Guided Meditation and  Storybook Meditation Series CDs.

Through these efforts Lee is on a mission to support wellbeing, Mind-Body & Spirit through varied mindfulness training platforms globally. Supporting the shift individually, through meetings & events, industry-wide and worldwide.

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