Bring the foundation of Wellness and Well-being to your meeting or event. Whether that training is through a keynote or the highly acclaimed and proprietary Mindfulness Lounge™, the core accessible messaging is the same and is reinforced for the individual attendee and the organization.


Are You Tired of Pushing, Pulling & Struggling?

A Year of Living MindfulLee is a robust subscription program that will teach you how to expand your mind, your heart & find the happiness that lives within.


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What Is Mindfulness?

“Stress is Not a Badge of Honor. Nor is it a Requirement to Get the Job Done.”

About Lee

Lee Papa is an internationally recognized Mindfulness & Meditation Speaker and Trainer, specializing in the Meetings, Events, Hospitality, and Travel industries from incentive meetings, and educational conferences to large trade shows.

Mindfulness Lounge™

Lee Papa’s proprietary Mindfulness Lounge™ is the foundation of any successful wellness initiative. It is the heart of the meeting space that when committed over time – just like any new initiative to establish the stronghold, becomes the shifting mechanism away from stress-based navigation, seeking unattainable balance to an integrative wellness-based platform personally and professionally, that leads to optimal well-being and success.

Press & Media Lee Has Been Featured In:

Events Testimonials

Erika Welling

General Manager, Las Vegas Office, PRA Business Events

What an impactful experience connecting with Lee to facilitate a Wellness session for IMEX America! This event is a leading hospitality conference attracting thousands of buyers and exhibitors from around the world. She is an amazing professional with powerful intuitive skills focusing on the audience and speaking to their soul! Lee magnetizes participants leaving them effective tools to create positive change. Whether a one-time session or a company Wellness program, I’m convinced Lee Papa is the perfect assist to organizations in establishing a Transformative and Thriving Culture!

Chrissie Cinquegrano

Event Operations Director, Rising Media Inc

Sometimes we just go through the motions of life and we forget to stop and think about what is most important. We forget how important our own well-being is and how it can effect everything around us. Sometimes we realize it on our own or sometimes we go through extraordinary experiences and it falls in our laps. Never in a million years did I think my life would change at an Industry Event! In a 15-minute meditation, Lee helped me realize that I have been focusing on all the wrong things in my life and that I desperately need to change. I never thought that 15 minutes in a Mindfulness Lounge would have such an impact on me, but it truly has! Just Imagine if you could have this impact on 2-3 or even a dozen people at your event? The word of mouth alone would be tremendous for marketing! I know I can’t stop talking about Lee Papa and the Meditation Lounge at E4!!!

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Coaching Testimonials

Adriana Rosales Haro

Private Coaching Client

While so many of us work on achieving the best version of ourselves, this cannot happen alone and without guidance. I had the privilege of meeting Lee Papa and have experienced her wonderful guidance and have grown because of her generous heart and her unique ability to authentically help you grow in areas that I call “blind spots.”

John R Kazanjian

Artist, John R Kazanjan Art

Over the years I have been exploring my spiritual path to find the reasoning behind why certain events and occurrences in my life have happened that altered my course of direction. I have been fortunate to have worked with very capable new thought minded people since the early 1980’s, and Lee Papa is one of the finest transformational facilitators I know. If you seem to be stuck in old energy patterns, contact Lee. I highly recommend this very compassionate and gifted life coach.

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