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Lee Papa’s beginnings in the corporate arena started in sales for the Hyatt Regency Hotel chain, which she was then recruited by a New York based real estate developer due to her sales and customer service acumen.  Ms. Papa spent the next 11 years as key personnel in the commercial real estate leasing and management division of the Baltimore, Maryland office.  The next chapter presented in Los Angeles, California in benchmarking services and customer satisfaction surveying for specialized consulting firms within the commercial real estate industry.   Click to read more...

In 2003, Lee moved to Las Vegas, as an entrepreneur and established herself in real estate and publishing. A significant turning point presented after a near death experience in 2008 awakened Lee to her true purpose. Inspiring others to lead a more wellness inspired life. Ms. Papa founded a wellness facility that soon was renamed Ganesha Center. In 2014, the center was closed after 5 years, actualizing over 4,000 classes and supporting tens of thousands in the Las Vegas area both locals and visitors.

As an accomplished Transformational Advisor, Mindfulness Instructor, Intuitive Healing Practitioner and Speaker, she has helped guide individuals on their path to Wellness Inspired LivingTM, through the Trio of TransformationTM, Mind, Body and Spirit balance.

Lee’s first book, The Temple of All Knowing, is a memoir of her several years journey prior to her near death experience, through the completion of the 6,000 square foot Ganesha Center in Las Vegas. The book details the roadmap from personal darkness through spiritual, emotional and physical transformation.

Lee Papa is focused on providing Wellness Consulting for organizations, Mindfulness Training to businesses, through her inspirational keynote speeches and training seminars as well as personal consulting. Inquire today how Lee can support developing the Mindful Leader in you and your team.

If you would like to hire Lee to speak at a gathering, please contact her at lee@leepapa.com (702) 376-7916.

My Purpose

To Inspire

Support and Encourage Personal Healing and Developing the Mindfulness Leader, through Exploring Self and the Journey Within.

To Provide

Varying Perspectives on Life as a Conscious Being Navigating in Todays Times.

To Support

Holistic Approach to Wellness and Transformation through Balancing Mind – Body and Spirit.

To Embrace

Obstacles for the Clarity they Provide and Change as the Universal Flow, without Judgment, we are Free!

The Temple of All Knowing

In my five year tenure at Ganesha Center, I gave hundreds of tour to people seeking more information about the Center, and often, more information about themselves. Many were awakening to new possibilities and “knowing” that they weren’t quite sure how to access, and others, comfortable with their spirituality, who just wanted to take it to the next level.


Many of our clients were women and mothers and a common thread started to appear in a good percentage of these seekers with whom I interacted. Most were looking for a way to integrate and balance their spirituality with all the daily demands asked of them.


This is why I am so pleased and proud of Lee’s new book, “Temple of all Knowing”. It is a sort of “Every women’s” guide of how to ultimately balance a life filled with crisis and the elements of family, working, and taking time for spirit development. This is the first book I’ve read that is a real life guide through the uncharted territory that we all face in these complicated and sometimes overwhelming times. I think many women (and men) will identify with what Lee went through: the spiritual awakening, financial crisis, dealing with family, business and relationships and realize that we are not alone in this struggle. There is hope at the end of the day. Through example, I believe this book will change the lives of many.

- Paul Isensee



Lee’s Transformational Advisory work with hundreds of clients have provided the foundation and tested techniques for the seminars and speeches she provides now.  

For most, major shifts are experienced in a series of several sessions and sometimes in just one.  

Lee will conduct a telephone interview session to confirm the alignment and the fit for moving forward with individual advisory sessions.

Contact Lee to schedule your session

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Upcoming Events

Live and Lead Mindfully

Hosted by:  Lee Papa 
Date:             Monday, April 20th 2015  
Time:            7:00PM – 8:00PM  
Location:     Clark County Library  
                          1401 E. Flamingo Rd.  
                          Las Vegas, NV 89119


Live to Lead

Hosted by:  Adriana Rosales
Date:             Saturday, October 17th 2015 
Time:            10:30AM – 4:30PM 
Location:     Sahara West Library
                          9600 W. Sahara Ave.
                          Las Vegas, NV 89117


The Mindful Retreat with Lee Papa
  • Hosted by:  Lee Papa 
  • Date:  Friday, 25 Sep 2015 to Sunday, 27 Sep 2015
  • Location:  Three Rivers, California
  • Price:  $2,500.00
  • Early Bird Special (Paid by 30 Jun 2015):  $1,995.00

Explore your Inner Knowing, Nurturing of the Body Soul, All the while embrace
by the Nature of Three Rivers, California in this exclusive retreat for only 
15 attendees…
You will receive one-on-one time and group teachings within an intimate
environment to foster inner exploration, sharing, healing, and expanding.

  • 2 night stay at local hotel
  • Meet and Greet Introduction and Reception on Friday Evening at Retreat location
  • Welcome gift bag!
  • Reiki Level 1 Training for Self-Healing
  • Hiking Excursion to Sequoia National Park
  • Evening Fireside Experience
  • Mindfulness Practices & Training
  • Morning Yummies at Retreat Location Saturday and Sunday
  • Lunch provided Saturday
  • Private time scheduled for YOU!
  • 1 hour Telephone Session prior to retreat to target the specific needs of each attendee

Topics being addressed: Self-care, guilt free pleasure, releasing anxiety,
honoring the authentic you, tapping into your Temple of All Knowing,
getting unstuck, releasing limiting beliefs, healing the past, exploring
the best expression you and more!


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My experience with Lee Papa was exceptional.  One of the greatest investments in my personal and professional life was to reach out to Lee and experience one on one coaching.  Her ability to laser in on what I call blind spots was invaluable.  I'm forever grateful for the heart centered knowledge gained.  I experienced a quantum leap in my personal and professional life.  Through this experience I gained a momentum unprecedented that has played a vital role in all my endeavors.

Adriana Rosales Staub, (Host) Live2Lead.Company

Within just a few weeks of Transformational Advisory sessions with Lee Papa, I am able to make clearer decisions, concentration has improved, communication has improved, and best of all I feel closer to my dreams and aspirations than ever before. My bitterness, anxiety, resentment, and other bad emotions are slowly going away. Working harder, putting in longer hours, sacrificing everything and struggling to meet success is all I had ever known. I was miserable, I couldn’t sleep at night, I was pushing people away, I felt alone, and I was making bad decisions. When you align with your higher purpose positive things flow into your life effortlessly. It’s not an overnight process, it takes time, but in just a few weeks I feel like a new, better me is beginning to emerge.

Brady Halbasch, Race Car Driver & Entrepreneur

By sharing her story, Lee Papa takes you on a journey of discovery of self that opens you up to the belief that there is more to life than what we can see.  It is the synchronicities all around us that make us realize that we are all connected, all one, in a loving, fascinating way.  Who doesn’t want to find their own Temple of the All Knowing?  As you read Lee’s book, it becomes clear that you only have to look within.

Joan S. Peck, Author

I had been struggling with a recent trauma. Lee Papa has not only helped me move forward from this traumatic event but she has also helped clear the deep lineage of sexual abuse. For the first time in 44 years I can feel my vibration rising. I find myself enjoying life; I see its beauty and want to be a part of it versus all of those years of just existing. I was numb but now I'm alive. I look to her as a Transformational Advisor who is showing me the path to enlightenment.

Theresa, Las Vegas

I was greatly inspired by "The Temple of All Knowing". Lee Papa reminds us that we are truly never alone, that we have guidance available at all times, and that we only need to ask for it. I highly recommend this book for both those who are already walking their spiritual path, and those sitting on the "spiritual fence" looking for answers. Lee's very personal and courageous journey shows us that all things are possible through our permanent connection with God/Spirit/Universe

Jamie Hosmer, Musician / Songwriter

How does one even begin to harness a testimonial that could possibly describe the relationship I’ve been so blessed to have found with Lee. I stepped into the Ganesha Center in Dec. of 2012. In this very short time Lee has opened her heart to accept what are my gifts to give without hesitation. What I know about Lee is, an opened heart in her life, is what is present and has been generated to create the Ganesha Center. For without that gift of service that she lives by, there couldn’t possibly be a center for wellbeing. Living one’s life in service can only generate blessings into one’s own life. Lee lives in service each and every day for it is the driving “force” that is ever present in her and the Center. Just one look into her sparkling eyes will tell you her heart leads the way within her. She has and continues to be a touchstone for me as a constant reminder of what is real. I’m truly blessed to call her friend! I Love you Lee Papa.

Rick Pessagno, Las Vegas

When I first met Lee Papa I knew she was different, I knew she was "awake". I was introduced to Lee by a mutual friend. He told me, "I have someone you have to meet". From the first moment I shook Lee's hand and looked into her eyes I knew we understood each other and that she was someone I would have in my life (lives) for a very long time. She is not only one of the brightest women I know, she is also full of life, compassion, drive, humor, integrity, courage, passion, faith and commitment. She is a driving force of change in this world and a beacon of light in the universe. I fully trust Lee and feel honored that our lives are connected. By her side and under her direction I know anything is possible, just the thought of her makes me smile.

David Oliphant, San Fransisco

The Ganesha Center feels like home away from home. When I first met Lee at a social event, I had a strange feeling that this was meant to be and a beginning of something completely unknown but exciting. The high vibration, beautiful energies and the wonderful teachings of all the great practitioners there ‘Our Gurus’ have helped, open a ‘New World’ of understanding, knowledge, beauty and Peace for me and my family. We are very grateful to Lee for creating such a beautiful center and I feel blessed to be working and living not too far from the Ganesha Center! I love this new journey of our life and in a thirst for learning and trying and experiencing new realms. We are looking forward to growing more spiritually with Lee and the Ganesha Center for years to come!

Meena Ramanathan, Las Vegas

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